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Lavender Oil, Mailette (essential oil)

Maillette lavender is a variant widely cultivated in Provence on sunny mountain slopes between 600 and 1700 meters. Maillette lavender is a gray-green, dense, evergreen bush that produces long stems topped by flower spikes.

The very aromatic, blue-violet flowers form tubular calyxes and give off a pleasant, characteristic odor when rubbed or crushed. The lavender sprigs are harvested in July and August, when the essential-oil quantities in the flowers’ secretory glands reach their peak. They are dried for a day or two in to allow excess moisture to evaporate, then are steam-distilled.

The fragrance of Maillette lavender essential oil is agrestic, floral, and herbaceous, with a dry facet.


Exceptional in candles but great in almost all applications.

Smooth and spacious natural woody note with refined cedar and amber facets. Timbersilk is an excellent foundation for producing strength, volume and tenacity for the majority of end use applications.”

A rich Cedarwood foundation ingredient, Timbersilk has a slightly fresh amber top which evolves into a sensual soft woody dry down. Its complexity leads many to believe that it is a fragrance in its own. Utilized in high percentage for woody types, sets the foundation for Masculine and Feminine fragrances. Timbersilk is also widely used in deep florals, chypre, oriental, spicy, amber and vanilla types and has a very good substantivity on skin and fabric.

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